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Love or Fiction : Is it possible to find your soul mate online ?

This is the question LGBT youth are asking them self’s “ Is it Possible.
Yes it is possible to find your soul mate online, since modern technology allows you to “brows” through peoples  profiles, pictures, and even personal information until you find some one that you’re  interested in.
Yes there is always a chance that the men you are interested in don’t want anything to do with you, but there are always chances and things that happen for a reason. I know a couple… lets call them MR and MRS x. One day Mr.X was browsing the net and wanted to find his match. He was always interested in Japan and their culture, he even toke classes to teach him self the language. After numerous “Matches” he narrowed it down to one girl. Mrs.X. She was everything he was looking for, and he was everything she wanted. They added each other to MSN, and stayed  in touch for a few years. One day he decided to go to Japan and meet her. When he got there, he said it was love a first site. She immigrate to Canada with him, and they got married. They have been happily together for about 4 years. You may or may not agree with me, but love is found in the strangest places ( in the bathroom stall, in the coffee shop and even through the internet)
In conclusion, love is something that is hard to find. Some of us find it once in our lives and other find it thousand’s times. Its a part of life, its what makes us look forward to the future

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