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A Haiku Poem: Seasons Of The Heart

The Seasons Of The Heart

By: Jean-Phylipe Theriault

A cold heart,
Is like winter,
Waiting for the warm embrace of spring,
And the heat of summer.

A warm heart,
Is like summer,
Waiting for the cold embrace of the fall,
Shattering in the winter

A broken heart,
Is like spring,
Waiting to flower like a rose,
And rise like a phoenix.

I decided to write 3 little Haiku’s. It does not follow the traditional Japanese format, but for a specific reason. The heart never follows the same format. Love is a never-ending cycle of seasons. I was inspired by Becket  a brilliant author, whom was holding a Haiku contest for an autographed copy of his work. I decided to elaborate my Haiku (俳句) and post it to my blog.



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My Fear Of Love : Philophobia

Philophobia: is the fear of being in love and falling in love. The risk is usually when a person has confronted any emotional turmoil relating to love in the past but also can be chronic phobia

I must admit that finding love, a true and great love is something that i’ve always wanted in my life. But when it comes to me, this quest comes coupled with a crippling fear of it. (i.e Philophobia )

I’ve been through a few dating websites in my short time in adulthood, and a select few men that i could see myself with for the rest of my life. Taking steps to meet them, date them and start a connection is hard for me. I’ve only ever seen 3 men, in a relationship/dating sense. Each time a connection is made, the guy starts to have feelings for me, and as soon as i can feel it, or they let me know…. BAM!! like someone slapping me a cross the face, Philophobia kicks in.

The worst part of it, is that in the perspective of these men, i’m leading them on, playing games. I seem cold, distant, uncaring. But in my perspective, its because i’m feeling something towards them, that i start to distance my self from them, in fear of love. And i cant seem to let them know.

My mother went out of her way to make sure that i know im loved, my father on the other hand wasnt part of the picture much in my life, and doesn’t express many emotions, its hard to even know what he feels. I have been loved, and loved others, but when it comes to dating, its a fault that i cant seem to shake.

This is something that i work on every single day. not in the sense that i try to connect with other. but in the way that i have to work on loving myself first. In the famous words of RuPaulIf you cant love your self, then how in the hell are you going to love some one else.

I wrote this to let people know, that this is a serious issue, and when a guy you love, that doesn’t seem to love you back, could possibly have this fear. and that you should try to understand it. For people like me, with this fear. its hard to give your heart away. And its even harder when your aware of the issues.

In my life, 21 years of life. I’ve only fallen in love twice. Once when i was just 14, with a very kind guy in the US. It was a long distance relationship that i had for a long while. And the second was when i was 19, with a handsome man. only i fell in love with him about much later. Strange that i never met him even though we lived in the same province, never spoke to him over the phone, and yett  ive kept contact with for a long time since that time. I can’t tell if i love the person he is. or the ideal of him. In any event, ive never told him how i felt, nor will i ever. I haven’t been in a place in my life that im ready to start dating. No job, no place, no extra education, distance is an issue, family problems. and the list goes on.


When is the perfect time to start loving, and how can you get over this fear. These are things i constantly ask myself.



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Lady GaGa My Passion

This article is dedicated to Lady Gaga and all the Lil’Monsters out there!
Back in 2007-2008 when her single just dance and poker face came out. I said to myself “ Jesus another bottle blond is going to run the show” I never really toke a shining to her music. But then The Fame was released. The album was so intriguing. I knew there was something deeper to her wigs, and outrageous fashion. So  went on a quest and raided the internet hungry for some information about her life, her fans and her Art work. I couldn’t believe that her fans loved her so much. It wasn’t because they wanted a piece of her fame. But she is one of the rare artists that actually interacts with her fans. She lives for them, cares for them.
Before Lady Gaga was in the scene, i never loved any type of music. I liked some classical music, but that was about it. But Gaga eat my heart. Her music has become part of my life, and i don’t think i  could live with out it. The shivers i get, the passion its makes me feel is indescribable.
Its like a movement, some type of sub-culture. “Little Monsters” is what she calls us, and its what we like to be called. Every fan i meet are so nice to me, they are a community. They are so accepting of everything, and treat you like family. Their is no other artist like her at the moment. And there will never be some one like her in the future.
Her album The Fame Monster is a beautiful piece of art. It has so many meanings, you really have to read between the lines. Otherwise you’ll never understand what the song is about. I love lady Gaga, she awakened something in me, and its wonderful. Its like i was reborn into this world.
I will always be a fan, and i will always be a Little Monster !  But she has been working so hard, and has lost so much weight. I LOVED lady gaga for her beautiful curves and i still do, but im worried for her health. I wish she would take a week or two and go to the tropics, relax take it easy. We don’t want her dieing of starvation, or drowning in a pile of glitter because she fainted in it.
Love, Robin  Hartman

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Love or Fiction : Is it possible to find your soul mate online ?

This is the question LGBT youth are asking them self’s “ Is it Possible.
Yes it is possible to find your soul mate online, since modern technology allows you to “brows” through peoples  profiles, pictures, and even personal information until you find some one that you’re  interested in.
Yes there is always a chance that the men you are interested in don’t want anything to do with you, but there are always chances and things that happen for a reason. I know a couple… lets call them MR and MRS x. One day Mr.X was browsing the net and wanted to find his match. He was always interested in Japan and their culture, he even toke classes to teach him self the language. After numerous “Matches” he narrowed it down to one girl. Mrs.X. She was everything he was looking for, and he was everything she wanted. They added each other to MSN, and stayed  in touch for a few years. One day he decided to go to Japan and meet her. When he got there, he said it was love a first site. She immigrate to Canada with him, and they got married. They have been happily together for about 4 years. You may or may not agree with me, but love is found in the strangest places ( in the bathroom stall, in the coffee shop and even through the internet)
In conclusion, love is something that is hard to find. Some of us find it once in our lives and other find it thousand’s times. Its a part of life, its what makes us look forward to the future

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