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The People That Helped Me Come Out Of The Closet

This is one of the subjects that was discussed in the article I wrote RFD magazine. Its about some of the people on the internet that helped me come out as a gay man. When I had no one to look up to I turned to the internet, and found three YouTube Stars, artists and singers.

The first I stumbled on was Chris Crocker, before the “Leave Britney Alone” video. His channel was set on comedian, so I thought I would subscribe to him and I did. His videos where not only funny and quirky but he was actually kind of inspirational to me. How could he be so ” gay” out on the internet and not be afraid of what people will do. It amazed me so much, it inspired me to grow more accepting towards myself. Post Britney video, and after his 15 Minutes Of Fame, he started coming out with music, ” Mind in the gutter” was the first track I listened to and I started to respect his artistic talent, and a few years later he comes out with ” One Day” the most beautiful song I have ever heard. I love it to death. Chris Crocker was the person that gave me the ability of acceptance. Thank you Chris, if one day you should read this. You are amazing, don’t stop writing music and making those hilarious videos. I love them, and so do a large number of the public. I wish you well on your 15 more minutes of fame and hopefully that will turn into 30mn and then 60mn !

The next person was a “Beauty Killer” Yep that right Jeffree Star is the second person on YouTube that was amazingly a great inspiration for me. His strength inspired me to be stronger for myself. After all if you can’t be strong, people will walk all over you and use you until you are a pile of dried bones. His fearlessness is beautiful, he was, and is still an amazing artist. Jeffree star if you are reading this some day, I just wanna say, that I LOVE that pink rhinestone gun you have!

And the third person on this list is Johnyboy! She made me laugh in every video she has come up with, they are hilarious and I hope she makes more! she is also a singer. My brother still wont believe me when i told him that she was born a boy. Even thought he knows that she is a boy He said ” Man, I would tap that anyways” and he is a straight male. JohnyBoy gave me the ability to accept my feminine side, and love it will all my heart. Thank you Johny Boy xo.

The last and most recent influence on me is the Queen of Self Love. Yes that’s right, its Lady GaGa ! She is the only artist out there that I love with all of my heart. Her passion for art, music, technology, and fashion is just amazing. Before lady gaga I never even liked any type of music besides classical music. When her music entered my life I became something much more beautiful. I was able to love my self once more. She gave me the ability to love, not to judge and to keep my heart open.  Thank you.

Accepting myself was a hard thing to do when the world tells you that you are worthless, less than your freedom, that you’re a freak of nature, that your going to go to hell. Well you know what. I would much rather take my chances with satan then not permit myself to be true to myself. I would much rather suffer for eternity then to bask in the glory of heaven for lying to myself. I am who I am, I love myself and I was Born This Way Baby!

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Evolution Of Chris Crocker!

Chris Crocker

Known for the tears towards Britney Spears, his long blond hair, Chris Crocker put YouTube on the map!

With his quirky comedy and crazy outbreaks Crocker has kept a circle of fans around his channel.

In the past years he has released a few amazing singles such as Mind In the Gutter, Fell For The Enemy and Love You Better. This artist has had more than 5 minutes in The Fame; more like his 15 minutes more! He currently is in the process of making a documentary about his life.

Chris Crocker has come such a long way from the comedian trying to make partner with YouTube, shooting under sheets and arguing with his grand mother. His evolution is truly one meant for history.

I remember YouTube when it was more of a community than and advertisement oriented site. It was beautiful the layouts where nice, the people loved each other ( most of the time)  I remember being subscribed to Johnyboyxo, ChrisCrocker JeffreeStar and many others. YouTube was a wonderful place to get feedback, make some funny videos and make an ass of your self when people at school found your videos and exposed them. Chris Crocker is a Youtube Classic and we will always want more!


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