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My Favorite 3 Free LGBT Dating & Community Apps

As technology integrates its self more and more into out lives, we as a community of LGBT people have become more connected with each other, whether its for online dating or social media sites. We can come together as a whole and stay connected with my favorite 5 apps! What i look for in LGBT applications : Community, Dating & is the application original or are a Wannabe.

1.) GROWLr : The Gay Bear Social Network


As one of my favorite Bear apps out there, i’ve come to love Growlr as my go to Dating and Community App. The community can keep in touch with each other, local and worldwide. The people on this app are kind and friendly; Open and amazing. The creators of the app CEO & Founder, Coley Cummiskey & Initech LLC have made waves since their launch in 2010. Their application is simple to use, the navigation is clear and uncomplicated. The visual aspect of it is just fabulous and tidy. Some applications focus on the look, displaying profile pictures and profiles in the same place, making it look cluttered and messy. But GROWLr may be simple, but in this case simplicity is beauty in regards to the aesthetics of the app. Go and DOWNLOAD this app!

2) OkCupid


While most apps and dating websites focus on the stats of a person ( i.e: height, weight, Top/Bottom) OkCupid brings a focus to the personality aspect of a person. Based on the more questions you answer, the more OkCupid can build a customized personality chart, and based on that chart it will find you suitors that are best matched with your own personality. The application, and website are both aesthetically pleasing and stunning. The Quivers, and Matches are just wonderful. The neat part is that it will allow you to view the questions your match  answered and personality profile. OkCupid brings something new and authentic to the screen, and you will not be disappointed. This Application caters to the LGBT community as well as all other community’s. Go and DOWNLOAD this Amazing app!

3.) Gaydar Radio


Simply put Gaydar has two applications available. One being Gardar Radio, and Gaydar – Millions of gay men which is a dating application. My favorite is the Radio aspect to it. who doesn’t LOVE remixed music from the LGBT community! The music is vast and has a wide selection of original and mainstream. Go DOWNLOAD the application !

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“The Gay LifeStyle”

I actually find it offensive when people refer to orientation as a life style. It grinds me gears to hear people say ” It’s your choice to live that kind of life style” Or ” I don’t condone the gay life style“.

Blah it Makes me want to stuff a sock in their mouths. I do not have a Life Style, i have a life and im living it the way i want to, with no shame or things that hold me back. Most of the time I don’t care what people think of me, but at times it does get to me that humanity has come so far and yet has learned nothing but hate or fear of the unknown.

I feel as though i was born in the wrong century.


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Selling your body to corporate cannibals

Would you sell your body to corporate cannibals ?

Over the years tattoos and piercings have been a trending fashion, but what if I told you that you could make some money utilizing this trend. Would you sell a little piece of your body to corporate company’s willing to pay you for it?

First and foremost, some of these tattoos are often just temporary tattoos, some are permanent, but those who get these are paid a hefty some of money. some even every year.

I personally would sell a piece of my skin, if it meant being paid for something i actually find appealing. I love tattoo’s and i have one of my own ( Little Monster) a Lady gaga tattoo on my wrist. I would love to get the OUTtv Logo, the Rupaul’s Drag Race Logo, Here! logo on my body since these are some of my favorite TV stations and shows. I would love to become the first guy with the most advertisement on one body! LOL

Some of these advertisement spaces on your body can go as little as 50$ to an extreme of 50,000 dollars! and even more if you are famous ! ( Sign me up!! )

So would you sell a piece of your body, what would you do if some one asked you for a temporary advertisement on your skin?

One of these sites :


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My Top 5 Gay Comedy Movies

To Wong Foo (1995) :

Plot : “Three drag queens travel cross-country until their car breaks down, leaving them stranded in a small town.”

Why : Not only is the movie well made, it is an amazing story about drag queens who win a drag contest and decide to bring an aspiring hispanic drag queen with them on their beautiful adventure across  the country where their car breaks down. THeir adventured take them to a boring dim little town, where they drastically change the way of life of its people. !

Another Gay Movie (2006)

Plot: “Four gay high school friends make a pact to lose their virginity before they go to college.”

Why: Even thought this is jam-packed with about a million stereotypes and is a rip of American pie, Edge Of seventeen and a few other movies. It was still a pretty funny movie. My friend watched the movie with her other friend, and when her mom saw it she got mad, and said never to watch it again! LMAO it was a precious moment!

The Big Gay Musical (2009)

Plot: “Paul and Eddie have just begun previews for the new Off-Broadway musical “Adam and Steve Just the Way God Made ‘Em.” Their lives strangely mirror the characters they are playing. Paul is looking for the perfect man and Eddie is dealing with how his sexuality and faith can mix.”

Why: I love how controversial this movie is.  This is one of my favorite “musical” type of movies. Not too much singing, it was the perfect balance!

The Bird Cage (1996)

Plot: “A gay cabaret owner and his drag queen companion agree to put up a false straight front so that their son can introduce them to his fiancé’s right-wing moralistic parents.”

Why: I loved this movie ever since i was a child. Not only is the cast well-chosen, it was pretty hilarious. I really should watch the original ” La Cage Aux Folles”

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Plot: “A transsexual punk rock girl from East Berlin tours the US with her rock band as she tells her life story and follows the ex-boyfriend/bandmate who stole her songs.”

Why : This is a rather interesting movie. I love the myth of the origin on love. It’s a beautiful movie. Not really a comedy though.


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Platonic love, Asexuality, Androgyny, Spirituality Is It So Bad ?

Over the years I have come out as a gay man; to my friends, my family, and my teachers. I’ve come to terms with it, and see it as a blessing. But I cant help but notice how gay men can pass themselves around so much, and how its become a stereotype…

I myself am not a sexual person, I don’t seek sex or anything in that nature. I would much rather find my soul sister and spend the rest of my life with him, than spend a one night stand with a random trick. Like any other teen I used to make so many sexual jokes, and remarks, laugh with friends about it; act like I wanted to take part in the act, when really I wasn’t interested in it. I don’t see what the big fuss is about, I mean so much preparation and effort for just a simple animal act. I toled my friend once that i wanted to be married, and wait until i have sex. She thought i was crazy.

I believe that we are made in pairs, and that we are damned to this earth to learn from out mistakes, to find our soul sister, so that when we die we may pass onto another stage of life. We transcend into another world made of energy. After all we are energy, and energy can never be stopped or killed, only replaced into the cycle. I do not believe in Religion that is written by man. If it has been written by man then it is flawed! ” Life is just a right of passage, Death is just the beginning. Jean-Phylipe Theriault” ( These are just my views on life, Mine and not yours. please do not enforce your religion onto others. Yes, You have an opinion, it is yours to share but there is a limit, please keep an open mind)

On that note, i would have hoped that humanity would have evolved to become Androgynous. I belive Lady GaGa will open the doors to that new age. We will learn to love, to turn the cheek so that we may pass on.

I am Platonic, I am Asexual, A am Gay; I am a Mother, A Father, A Brother, A Sister, and most of all i am A Little Monster!


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Review #2: Get Out GLBT

This is the best LGBT blog app and most likely the only one that is free! i love its fun rainbow Heart shaped opening page. The people on there are just wonderful, and full of love. ive seen a few people say that this app opened their minds, and helped them accept them self as LGBT youth. it’s truly a MUST HAVE app to download if you gay. It’s a picture blog, and very original.

The only thing to be worked on in this app are the alerts, notifications, and updates. The app does have push notification but doest not indicate to you that some one has commented on your blog/photography.

The Rating i give this app is a 3/5

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Pierre Elliot Trudeau – The Start Of Our Freedom

July 2005 ; Canada has become the fourth to legalize same sex marriage Nationwide, and is currently the only nation in the Americas to offer such human rights. The lgbt communities in The United States have been trying to legalize marriage, but have been turned down several times.
To me Pierre Trudeau was the beginning of the movement to stop discrimination and legalize marriage.
( Homosexuality was decriminalized in Canada as a result of legislation (Bill C-150 AKA the omnibus bill) introduced in 1967 and passed in 1969 by then-Justice Minister and Attorney General of Canada,Pierre Trudeau (who later became the 15th Prime Minister of Canada). He famously commented, “There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.” )
In social 11 you will learn about him. and the Baby boom

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