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Hey Guys

Why treat your skin with chemicals when you can use products that come directly from Mother Nature. That Resting B.Face deserves to enjoy the spoils of nature.

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Yukimono – The Art Of Bonsai Pots

I must say I am inspired by bonsai these days, but there is a part of the bonsai art that is unseen. – The art of Bonsai Pots!

Bonsai pots a truly beautiful pieces of art, the are in harmony with the bonsai tree when used properly. They come is so many different shapes, colours and sizes that really do make the bonsai more beautiful then it already is. They can be made from many different materials, but my favorite are made, and come from Japan! especially from a little store that Miss Yukimono has put up on etsy.

My all time favorite pot (set of pots) that she has drives me crazy! (yes im Fangirling over this!)

Japanese Tokoname oval pink&blue mame pot set:(Click Here To View)


 I can wait until I have enough money saved to get them. I dream of having a Turquoise or Blue Mame pot so that I can make a wonderful Rosemary Bonsai and place it in one of these amazing High quality pots that are made in the Tokoname district of Japan

Their made by a Japanese potter, Hidemi Kataoka and sold by a wonderful lady called Yukiko Kasai or (Yukimono) 🙂

She has a beautiful blog that you can find by clicking HERE. where she talks about her passions for bonsai and bonsai pots. as well as a cute little instructable on how to make a moss ball bonsai. And her Etsy store is to die for! which you can also find my clicking HERE.

Beautiful Yukimono herself.


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Starting To Bonsai – With a Lilac Seedling

Hey guys, I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I would keep you updated in my latest adventures!

Last year I got my first bonsai ever, it was a ficus ginseng bonsai that I saved from dying at my local WalMart. I don’t have any photos of it since I had to move and leave it behind. but it was a successful purchase and it thrived to become a beautiful bonsai. Since then I’ve had bonsai on the mind and I cant stop but wondering about the art and what I could to with it.

I’m currently studying videos and blogs online to get a handle on what is proper care and what are the perfect trees and shrubs I should use.

Yesterday I was taking a look at my mothers lawn and found a beautiful little lilac seedling growing from the darkest part of the lawn covered in giant conifers. I said to my self “Why not?” so I snatched it up and im going to grow it into a Mame bonsai. ( Mame; meaning Bean in Japanese,) is a miniature bonsai. (Below is a photo of what I picked up) its a common Lilac that flowers in a light purple colour.


Yes I know this is not a good pot for any plant because I run the risk of drowning it, It is a temporary arrangement until I find a suitable pot for it.

The art of bonsai is not an immediate art like painting or drawing. Its the art of the living, it takes years to create a beautiful peace of art, and even then the art is never finished. This is the art that lasts a life time, continuously growing and changing. While some trees and shrubs can be instantly made into bonsai others that are grown from seedlings can take decades. Back in high school, when I finished a piece of art I would say ” its done” and my Art teacher would always say. “art is never finished, only abandoned by the artist.” I now know what he meant. Bonsai is an ever changing art form. Your working with a living breathing entity that will stay with you for years to come, and even go down a few generations. It will change and give you new opportunities to perfect it and alter it if you must. A bonsai is never truly abandoned, other artists will come along and continue its art, leaving their mark and style as well.

So this is why im currently obsessed with bonsai and I cant wait to start my adventures !

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PinkyParadise Shiny Green (Puffy 3 Tone) circle lense review


For the first time ever I’m going to review a pair of contact lenses!

A week or so ago I won a pair of Shiny Green (Puffy 3 tone) contact lenses from PinkyParadise. They just arrived in the mail today! With a few goodies 🙂

When it comes to lenses, I personally prefer realistic lenses ( green, blue, grey and brown) so naturally I chose Green. I have medium light brown eyes with a green circle around the eye, and green just so happens to be my favourite eye colour.

The Comfort level of these lenses are a 5/5, they are surprisingly easy to pop in considering their 14 in diameter. I don’t feel them moving around. No blurriness, or discomfort.

As a person that loves natural looking lenses these are a 4.5/5. The reason I gave 4.5 is that they are bigger than “most” lenses, making them look more doll like, which is the point of circle lenses. But since I have naturally small eyes, they pop out like crazy. Colour wise they are a perfect blend of 3 tones creating the perfect shade of green!

As for the shipping Time. They where shipped using global mail (10-20) days. I feel like they came in early, shipping was fast for basic shipping. If these where a pair that I had purchased, I would have chosen a faster shipping method because I’m an impatient person. But for something that was won in a giveaway they arrived right on time!

I’ve seen countless videos on YouTube about pinkyparadise’s products, and I must say the rave reviews are truly justified, and I would recommend these to all my friends and family.

Just for the heck of it pinky paradise snuck a few extra gifts in my parcel. ( I love them!)

Gift #1 was a pink hipo contact lens case. I purchased a case a few days ago, but honestly I like the hipo case much better, it’s strong and does not leak, and you have something to grip when you try to open the case, unlike the basic ones you buy at the pharmacy.

Gift #2 a cute pocket mirror, that I plan on using often.

Gift #3 a set of lashes. This is a really cool gift, it’s thoughtful and kind of them to include this. I love them, but I’m a guy. I’ve never had anything like this before, so either I’ll keep them for halloween or gift them to a lady friend who can use them.

Gift #4 I have no idea what these are called since I can’t read (Korean,I think) their a set of blue Velcro type things that you use to part your hair, or keep them out of the way while your styling your hair. I love this, and I laughed when my sisster used them on her extremely curly hair and they got stuck.

Overall PinkyParadise is just an awesome site, and their products are amazing. I will be shopping for more products (lenses, creams, and other goodies) I can’t wait to try them out and I hope you guys will to! Join them on Facebook, Twitter and tumblr!


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A Haiku Poem: Seasons Of The Heart

The Seasons Of The Heart

By: Jean-Phylipe Theriault

A cold heart,
Is like winter,
Waiting for the warm embrace of spring,
And the heat of summer.

A warm heart,
Is like summer,
Waiting for the cold embrace of the fall,
Shattering in the winter

A broken heart,
Is like spring,
Waiting to flower like a rose,
And rise like a phoenix.

I decided to write 3 little Haiku’s. It does not follow the traditional Japanese format, but for a specific reason. The heart never follows the same format. Love is a never-ending cycle of seasons. I was inspired by Becket  a brilliant author, whom was holding a Haiku contest for an autographed copy of his work. I decided to elaborate my Haiku (俳句) and post it to my blog.


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My Theory About The Afterlife & Our Souls


One of the most discussed questions of all time is ” What happens when we die. Do we go to heaven or just stop existing

And this is what i personally believe to be true. My truth may not be yours, but please do respect it. I am always open to change my thoughts, if i agree with the argument in a rational way.  This article is in no way mean to demean any type of religious and cultural beliefs. I have great respect for the beliefs of others.

First off, lets take a look into a few scientific facts, that i use to rationalize my way of thinking about the afterlife.

1) The law of conservation of energy states : Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form, for instance chemical energy can be converted to kinetic energy in the explosion of a stick of dynamite.

2) The Construct Of The Brain: The brain constructs what our world looks/feels/smells/sounds and tastes like. Dreaming is a form of seeing and experiencing the world while our eyes are shut. It’s a construct of what the world is without following all the rules of the physical world.

3) Memories & The Soul : Memories are made by the flaring of neurons in the brain to record “clips” of memories, events, information and other concepts of speech, and thought. simply put out brain & body works on electricity ( Energy ). Every single interaction, thought, and concept that we live in our lives are memories forming the person that we are. Memories are who we are, they are what i believe are what we call our souls. 

Death is a very powerful thing, it can be harsh and brutal, or beautiful and meaningful to others. But what happens when we die. Do we go to a place that we call heaven, or a place we call hell. do we become angels or ghost. do we reincarnate of simply decay away in the ground. No one can truly prove the existence of the afterlife, But they can’t prove the absence of it either. Religions each have the specifics of what goes on after we die. But I’m not a religious type of person. I am spiritual by all means, but i do not put my faith in one thing more than the other. I believe in science, and spirituality.

Lets take into consideration the scientific facts i mentioned:

#3 Our memories, events, and life experience are what make our souls. The soul is Energy.

#2 The world as we see it, is a construct of the brain. The brain and body work by energy.

What im saying is that we are beings of energy, our self-awareness and sense of self are produced by the energy, and construct of the mind which in turn form our souls. And this is where #1 comes into play.

#1 Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, energy can only be converted.

Following my reasoning. We are made of energy. Our souls are made up of our memories, which are energy. If energy cannot be destroyed, and only converted. This means that when we die, our energy(soul) is not destroyed but converted into a different type of energy. Which means that we never truly die, we pass onto a different type of existence which i call the afterlife.



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My First Childhood Memory, age 1 1/2


So today i got a notification from my facebook account for something Anne Rice posted. ( ) And it got me thinking of my very own first memory. Its one that i hold very dearly to my heart.

The first memory that i can remember was that of when i was a year and a half old. I remember opening my eyes and looking around this white room that had Walt Disney wallpaper of Mickey mouse and Miney mouse all around the walls. I remember this beautiful white blanket with pink and blue flowers that my grandmother made for me. I could see an old white changing table that had diapers and baby powder on top. I can still remember the scent of Lilacs in the air. In Ontario lilacs grow like wildfire, and bloom in the early summer, filling the air with its beautiful scent for about a week or two. To this day lilacs are my favorite flower and scent!  I remember that my mother came into the room and sang me a lullaby to get me to sleep.

When i thought about the memory, i wondered if it was a real memory or a recall of a dream. But when i spoke to my mother about it, she told me that the room, and things i was describing where very real, and that it was the first apartment that she moved into after my birth. ( before she was living with my father) It’s amazing that i can remember things from my childhood, and adolescence so vividly and recall small details that are very accurate.

This memory is something i hold very dear to my heart. The reason being is that soon after this memory family problems plagued my life until i was 16, when i decided to live my life away from them for a few years.

What are your most treasured memories, and the earliest ones that you can remember?

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My Philosophy To A Good Life In 3 Steps

Dear readers,

I thought i would post something that means quite allot to me. My own personal philosophy to life, and growth.

1) A Quote that i truly admire, which i picked up from my french teacher and author Laurent Fadanni. ” Il reste toujour un peut de parfum a la main qui donne des rose.” Which means; There is always a hint of perfume left behind by the person who gives roses to others. This quote is about Karma, It means the good that you do onto others out of joy and a sheer random act of kindness will always stay with you. The good you put out into the world will come back to you. Send out positive vibrations into the world, and the world with respond positively. Give out negative vibrations, and the world will respond with negativity.

2) You need to let go of anger, revenge, grudges. During your entire life people will be mean, heartless, cruel and careless towards you. If you hang on to those emotions of anger towards that person, they win. Theirs no point to keep feeling those emotions. They bring you down, make you sad, depressed, and focus all your time and energy to hating these people. when you could be devoting it to love, kindness, and having fun with this short life we have. Here is an example. ( A bully comes up to me. Calls me a fagot, whore, slut and circulates rumors around the work place about me that just makes me blow a fuse.)  Then this Bully quits for no reason, and yet i still sitting on these emotions of hate, and anger towards this person who did this terrible thing to me. For all i know the bully could have quit, moved on with his life, forgot about what he said, and kept being happy. but here i am thinking about this bully, and devoting time thinking of arguments, and payback, when this person has moved on already. If you give into this then that bully won, because he is happy where ever he his, he’s moving on with his life and not looking back. He has a hold on you, without even being near you,  and your still there, unhappy, and stuck with the scenario going round and round in your head. When you could have spent your precious time having a good time, enjoying life, and looking in the positive side of things.

So letting go, is the most powerful thing you can do. It means you’re not letting that bully control you anymore, you’re taking control of your emotions, and deciding that letting go to be happy is better than sulking in the grudge.

3) An Open And Educated Mind, Is A Sane Mind. Be open to change, and acceptance. This world is a world that is in constant change. You cannot close your mind off to things that you do not understand or fear. Keep an open mind to new things, people, and ways of life. The moment you close yourself off from change, you become stagnant in life. Stuck and un able to move with the flow of everything. Life is about growth, and change, love and kindness. Acceptance, and evolving. Educate yourself, in this day and age, you have access to all the information around the world. Why keep a simple mind, when you could have a great and powerful mind that is able to think and grown for itself. Do not allow parents, teachers, superiors or governments dictate what is right and what is wrong. Think for your self, and only for yourself, find the good and the bad on your own, know the facts, make decisions based on clear reason, and try to view every perspective before you decide.


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Talking About My Novella, Children Of the Moon: Andrews Origin

Hey guys, just talking about working on my novella children of the moon Andrews origin. Giving you guys a little bit of the story line, and character background. Here is the Link to the Kindle Edition:

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January 19, 2014 · 10:06 pm

My Fear Of Love : Philophobia

Philophobia: is the fear of being in love and falling in love. The risk is usually when a person has confronted any emotional turmoil relating to love in the past but also can be chronic phobia

I must admit that finding love, a true and great love is something that i’ve always wanted in my life. But when it comes to me, this quest comes coupled with a crippling fear of it. (i.e Philophobia )

I’ve been through a few dating websites in my short time in adulthood, and a select few men that i could see myself with for the rest of my life. Taking steps to meet them, date them and start a connection is hard for me. I’ve only ever seen 3 men, in a relationship/dating sense. Each time a connection is made, the guy starts to have feelings for me, and as soon as i can feel it, or they let me know…. BAM!! like someone slapping me a cross the face, Philophobia kicks in.

The worst part of it, is that in the perspective of these men, i’m leading them on, playing games. I seem cold, distant, uncaring. But in my perspective, its because i’m feeling something towards them, that i start to distance my self from them, in fear of love. And i cant seem to let them know.

My mother went out of her way to make sure that i know im loved, my father on the other hand wasnt part of the picture much in my life, and doesn’t express many emotions, its hard to even know what he feels. I have been loved, and loved others, but when it comes to dating, its a fault that i cant seem to shake.

This is something that i work on every single day. not in the sense that i try to connect with other. but in the way that i have to work on loving myself first. In the famous words of RuPaulIf you cant love your self, then how in the hell are you going to love some one else.

I wrote this to let people know, that this is a serious issue, and when a guy you love, that doesn’t seem to love you back, could possibly have this fear. and that you should try to understand it. For people like me, with this fear. its hard to give your heart away. And its even harder when your aware of the issues.

In my life, 21 years of life. I’ve only fallen in love twice. Once when i was just 14, with a very kind guy in the US. It was a long distance relationship that i had for a long while. And the second was when i was 19, with a handsome man. only i fell in love with him about much later. Strange that i never met him even though we lived in the same province, never spoke to him over the phone, and yett  ive kept contact with for a long time since that time. I can’t tell if i love the person he is. or the ideal of him. In any event, ive never told him how i felt, nor will i ever. I haven’t been in a place in my life that im ready to start dating. No job, no place, no extra education, distance is an issue, family problems. and the list goes on.


When is the perfect time to start loving, and how can you get over this fear. These are things i constantly ask myself.



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