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Little Monster Fan Tattoo

Her music woke my soul and made me love it so much  that i would get a tattoo as a tribute.

June 16, 2010



Crazy you say, for getting this tattooed… Perhaps i am. but this is my body, and i will do with it as i please, after all we die, and why not enjoy it while it lasts. I got this to mark my 18th birthday, my love for her music, my freedom. To remember that i am who i am, and nothing should keep me from being who i like. Theirs a little freak in all of us that we hide, why hide it any longer?

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The People That Helped Me Come Out Of The Closet

This is one of the subjects that was discussed in the article I wrote RFD magazine. Its about some of the people on the internet that helped me come out as a gay man. When I had no one to look up to I turned to the internet, and found three YouTube Stars, artists and singers.

The first I stumbled on was Chris Crocker, before the “Leave Britney Alone” video. His channel was set on comedian, so I thought I would subscribe to him and I did. His videos where not only funny and quirky but he was actually kind of inspirational to me. How could he be so ” gay” out on the internet and not be afraid of what people will do. It amazed me so much, it inspired me to grow more accepting towards myself. Post Britney video, and after his 15 Minutes Of Fame, he started coming out with music, ” Mind in the gutter” was the first track I listened to and I started to respect his artistic talent, and a few years later he comes out with ” One Day” the most beautiful song I have ever heard. I love it to death. Chris Crocker was the person that gave me the ability of acceptance. Thank you Chris, if one day you should read this. You are amazing, don’t stop writing music and making those hilarious videos. I love them, and so do a large number of the public. I wish you well on your 15 more minutes of fame and hopefully that will turn into 30mn and then 60mn !

The next person was a “Beauty Killer” Yep that right Jeffree Star is the second person on YouTube that was amazingly a great inspiration for me. His strength inspired me to be stronger for myself. After all if you can’t be strong, people will walk all over you and use you until you are a pile of dried bones. His fearlessness is beautiful, he was, and is still an amazing artist. Jeffree star if you are reading this some day, I just wanna say, that I LOVE that pink rhinestone gun you have!

And the third person on this list is Johnyboy! She made me laugh in every video she has come up with, they are hilarious and I hope she makes more! she is also a singer. My brother still wont believe me when i told him that she was born a boy. Even thought he knows that she is a boy He said ” Man, I would tap that anyways” and he is a straight male. JohnyBoy gave me the ability to accept my feminine side, and love it will all my heart. Thank you Johny Boy xo.

The last and most recent influence on me is the Queen of Self Love. Yes that’s right, its Lady GaGa ! She is the only artist out there that I love with all of my heart. Her passion for art, music, technology, and fashion is just amazing. Before lady gaga I never even liked any type of music besides classical music. When her music entered my life I became something much more beautiful. I was able to love my self once more. She gave me the ability to love, not to judge and to keep my heart open.  Thank you.

Accepting myself was a hard thing to do when the world tells you that you are worthless, less than your freedom, that you’re a freak of nature, that your going to go to hell. Well you know what. I would much rather take my chances with satan then not permit myself to be true to myself. I would much rather suffer for eternity then to bask in the glory of heaven for lying to myself. I am who I am, I love myself and I was Born This Way Baby!

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Break Down Of Lady GaGa’s Born This Way

To start off, This album was promoted exactly 9 months before it was ” Born This Way” on May 23rd. ( Great promo action going on there! )

This album is more of a Dark Pop-Rock collage of 22 songs( on the Special Edition) and 15(on the standard edition). Her fans love it to death, for its symbolism, complexity and its beautiful message. One of peace, self-love, and equality! After all she is one of the loudest voices for equality in this world at the present time. LGBT folk love her for that and combined with her outrageous flare that could only be the embodiment of a drag queen ghost ( not that, that’s a bad thing!) She is amazing. But on the other hand, religious extremist are attacking her for her use of imagery, metaphors and personification’s of Religion. Seriously, stop thumping your bible for a moment and LISTEN to the actual message that she is Preaching! Jesus, stop hating some one that you do not even know for something their not even doing.  Sorry for the rant, it gets annoying after a while. Now let’s get down to the essence of the album, the core meaning, feeling and beauty that is Rebirth.

Rebirth through music, through hair, slime, love ? Why Rebirth? Well perhaps it is because in this life, one is reborn through religion, conversions, a change of hair or a manner of being. Each time you are reborn, it is a change for the better.

Track  Review :

01. Marry The Night

It’s about accepting ones loneliness, and perhaps sharing it with some one that s also alone?  Personally i thought this should have been the third single. Very catchy, yet sad in a way. It’s a mix of dark and the light. She preforms this song in an amazing way!

02. Born This Way

Accepting who you are, loving yourself, worship your self, because if you don’t, who will? It’s about being equal, no one body is greater than the other. The sad part about this single, is that it was released on the date Alexander McQueen passed away. A very dear friend to Lady Gaga. Rest in peace.

03. Government Hooker

How far are you willing to go on being a puppet? that’s the message in this song. This is one of my favorite songs on this album. I identifie a lot with this song, and even incorporated a similar view to this subject for a French projet.  The beginning of the song scared me the first time I heard it. I was playing farmville ( gagaville ) and i was listing to the album when i unlocked it, and all i hear is ( Gaga Gag’AHH, Gaga Gag’AHH ) and my computer shuts down instantly! for a moment i thought there was a demon in my laptop, but it turned out to just be that the battery died!

05. Americano

This is the only song, i did not like from Lady GaGa… Sorry little monsters.

06. Hair

very corny, but beautiful song about finding ones liberty and rebirth in one’s hair! I love the melody of the song.

07. Scheibe

I have no idea what most of this song is saying, but i love the beat, and the use of german. Makes me want to learn it !

08. Bloody Mary

A women scorned by the pains of love? trying to forgive the one who hurt her. I love the Darkness of this song. This is The best song on the album, for me. I love the goth twist to it.

09. Black Jesus ” Amen Fashion”

This song seems very familiar for some reason. No other comment.

10. Bad Kids

This song targets Teens from every generation. The feeling of being an outcast, a miscreant in the eyes of our parents. But as long as your heart is pure, it does not matter.  Love this song to.

11. Fashion Of His Love

This song is about two people who are meant to be together. soul sisters. This song is so sweet, its like candy for the ears.

13. Heavy Metal Lover

I love the beat to this song. one of my favorite ones.

15. The Queen

This sounds like a tribute to her fans. on the HBO special, she was crying because she wasnt sure she could be a queen to her little monsters.

17. The Edge Of Glory

The most beautiful song she has written. Inspired by her grandfather, and her grandmother. As he was passing away on the edge of glory with her. They shared a beautiful moment, a wonderful life..

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Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Album

This album is a beautiful piece of art. Which has been subject to have people love it or hate it completely. It is in my opinion as a Little Monster, A Blogger and a Lover, that this is a beautiful album. It brings Religion, Gender, and Orientation together. Its message is one of peace, love, acceptance and yet the artist has been constantly discredited by critics and people around the world as being Fake, Plastic, Evil, and going against God. How can people be so blind to the lyrics and message that this artist preaches. Not many people can look at something and see it as something more then just what it seems.

The tracks that touch my heart the most are : Born This Way, Electric Chapel, Blo0dy Mary, Heavy Metal Lover, Highway Unicorn,

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The Fame Monster Painting

The Fame Monster -

I once was inspired by lady gaga to paint this beautiful album cover. The song paparazzi truly had an effect on this piece of art. The lyric “Purple Tear Drops I cry” was so beautiful it compelled me to bring this image to reality. The emotion put into this piece if to great to explain. Its one of sadness, hope, love, passion. It’s truly my greatest work. Lady gaga is a beautiful piece of art and i only hope i transmitted it through this painting.


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Lady Gaga’s New German Song Scheibe

Lady gaga’s new album will be composed of 3 different languages. one of which is a german song called Scheibe and has been remixed and used for the promo video of Muglers Fashion Show:

I am so looking forward for the new album to come out in may. just a few days before my birthday! ( may 29)

I love the darkness of the song, and the beat given to it. it matches up perfectly with the promo and the fashion in it.

Edit: This was written jan 21,2011 for a break down of Born This Way


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Obsessions, are they unhealthy?

Are obsessions really that unhealthy?

I have been told time and time again that I have some unhealthy obsessions. My main passions are  Lady Gaga and Vampires, they both have a great influences in my every day life. it’s almost impossible for a day to go by without a piece of me being affected by something like art, a gesture of some sort, or some music.

Lady gaga brings out something in me that wasn’t there before. Ever since ive listened to her voice and seen her performance art  I have learned to be my self, to show every part of my soul and that’s why i got my “Little Monster” tattoo, to remind me every day that I need to show a different part of me.

What obsessions do you guys have that has affected you life in a positive way?

P.S That is not my room.


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