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My Theory About The Afterlife & Our Souls


One of the most discussed questions of all time is ” What happens when we die. Do we go to heaven or just stop existing

And this is what i personally believe to be true. My truth may not be yours, but please do respect it. I am always open to change my thoughts, if i agree with the argument in a rational way.  This article is in no way mean to demean any type of religious and cultural beliefs. I have great respect for the beliefs of others.

First off, lets take a look into a few scientific facts, that i use to rationalize my way of thinking about the afterlife.

1) The law of conservation of energy states : Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form, for instance chemical energy can be converted to kinetic energy in the explosion of a stick of dynamite.

2) The Construct Of The Brain: The brain constructs what our world looks/feels/smells/sounds and tastes like. Dreaming is a form of seeing and experiencing the world while our eyes are shut. It’s a construct of what the world is without following all the rules of the physical world.

3) Memories & The Soul : Memories are made by the flaring of neurons in the brain to record “clips” of memories, events, information and other concepts of speech, and thought. simply put out brain & body works on electricity ( Energy ). Every single interaction, thought, and concept that we live in our lives are memories forming the person that we are. Memories are who we are, they are what i believe are what we call our souls. 

Death is a very powerful thing, it can be harsh and brutal, or beautiful and meaningful to others. But what happens when we die. Do we go to a place that we call heaven, or a place we call hell. do we become angels or ghost. do we reincarnate of simply decay away in the ground. No one can truly prove the existence of the afterlife, But they can’t prove the absence of it either. Religions each have the specifics of what goes on after we die. But I’m not a religious type of person. I am spiritual by all means, but i do not put my faith in one thing more than the other. I believe in science, and spirituality.

Lets take into consideration the scientific facts i mentioned:

#3 Our memories, events, and life experience are what make our souls. The soul is Energy.

#2 The world as we see it, is a construct of the brain. The brain and body work by energy.

What im saying is that we are beings of energy, our self-awareness and sense of self are produced by the energy, and construct of the mind which in turn form our souls. And this is where #1 comes into play.

#1 Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, energy can only be converted.

Following my reasoning. We are made of energy. Our souls are made up of our memories, which are energy. If energy cannot be destroyed, and only converted. This means that when we die, our energy(soul) is not destroyed but converted into a different type of energy. Which means that we never truly die, we pass onto a different type of existence which i call the afterlife.



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My Philosophy To A Good Life In 3 Steps

Dear readers,

I thought i would post something that means quite allot to me. My own personal philosophy to life, and growth.

1) A Quote that i truly admire, which i picked up from my french teacher and author Laurent Fadanni. ” Il reste toujour un peut de parfum a la main qui donne des rose.” Which means; There is always a hint of perfume left behind by the person who gives roses to others. This quote is about Karma, It means the good that you do onto others out of joy and a sheer random act of kindness will always stay with you. The good you put out into the world will come back to you. Send out positive vibrations into the world, and the world with respond positively. Give out negative vibrations, and the world will respond with negativity.

2) You need to let go of anger, revenge, grudges. During your entire life people will be mean, heartless, cruel and careless towards you. If you hang on to those emotions of anger towards that person, they win. Theirs no point to keep feeling those emotions. They bring you down, make you sad, depressed, and focus all your time and energy to hating these people. when you could be devoting it to love, kindness, and having fun with this short life we have. Here is an example. ( A bully comes up to me. Calls me a fagot, whore, slut and circulates rumors around the work place about me that just makes me blow a fuse.)  Then this Bully quits for no reason, and yet i still sitting on these emotions of hate, and anger towards this person who did this terrible thing to me. For all i know the bully could have quit, moved on with his life, forgot about what he said, and kept being happy. but here i am thinking about this bully, and devoting time thinking of arguments, and payback, when this person has moved on already. If you give into this then that bully won, because he is happy where ever he his, he’s moving on with his life and not looking back. He has a hold on you, without even being near you,  and your still there, unhappy, and stuck with the scenario going round and round in your head. When you could have spent your precious time having a good time, enjoying life, and looking in the positive side of things.

So letting go, is the most powerful thing you can do. It means you’re not letting that bully control you anymore, you’re taking control of your emotions, and deciding that letting go to be happy is better than sulking in the grudge.

3) An Open And Educated Mind, Is A Sane Mind. Be open to change, and acceptance. This world is a world that is in constant change. You cannot close your mind off to things that you do not understand or fear. Keep an open mind to new things, people, and ways of life. The moment you close yourself off from change, you become stagnant in life. Stuck and un able to move with the flow of everything. Life is about growth, and change, love and kindness. Acceptance, and evolving. Educate yourself, in this day and age, you have access to all the information around the world. Why keep a simple mind, when you could have a great and powerful mind that is able to think and grown for itself. Do not allow parents, teachers, superiors or governments dictate what is right and what is wrong. Think for your self, and only for yourself, find the good and the bad on your own, know the facts, make decisions based on clear reason, and try to view every perspective before you decide.


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Anne Rice: The Inspiration That Pushed Me To Write My Novella

Dear readers,

One of the greatest inspirations i have ever had in regards to becoming an author is Miss Anne Rice. Creating a universe of my own, and bringing my characters to life has been a struggle but has become a great achievement!

When i first wrote Children Of The Moon: Andrew’s Origin, I never thought i would ever publish it or put it out there for people to read. But then i found a video on youtube about Anne Rice giving some advice on writing. The Moment i finished that video i just knew that i should self publish my first novelette as an e-book. It may be just the prologue to my main novella, but it has opened up doors to publishing, reviews, and countless emails of good and bad. Just knowing that someone out there is reading my novella, and giving life to my characters in their imagination is truly amazing to me.

Since Andrew’s Origin i have been working on my next novella Children Of The Moon, The Curious Death Of Miss Rose. And i just love following the adventures that my characters are going on, and this is thanks to Anne Rice. Without that little push i would have never of gotten good, positive outlooks on my little project. Even the negative is a good thing to me. From that i can grow, and change.

Thank you Anne Rice for the inspiration!

Partial review of The Wolf Gift :  Click Me! 


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Anne Rice: The Wolf Gift Partial Review

The Wolf Gift Chronicles

By Anne Rice

Dear readers,

Its been such a long while since I posted something on my blog, and I wanted to let you know I’m back, and I’m starting with a review of an amazing book by Anne Rice! I haven’t finished the entire novel, but so far I absolutely love every aspect of it.

I would like to start off saying this is the first Anne Rice novel i have had the pleasure of reading. The characters are extremely well written, and seem to take on a life of their own. The interaction between them is fluid and somewhat imperfect at the same time. Almost like their holding back from divulging what the other wants to hear, which is a good thing because a dialogue between two people; in real life, is not a linear thing that flows together with the goal of mutual interest. This is something alot of authors do. Their characters speak too perfectly allowing each party to interact together in a linear way, each saying exactly what is on their minds. Something normal humans do not do, they hold back, and keep pieces of information from the other for personal reasons that are affected by life experience and personality.

Miss Rice seems to take this into consideration when writing her characters. They hold a conversation together, but they hold back from speaking their minds, each not knowing the others intentions. The author then  gives the reader insight into the minds of the characters. Altogether it makes the interactions between them authentic, adding to the exquisite experience that is The Wolf gift.

Something that i truly admire from Anne Rice is the way she describes so perfectly the scenery, emotions, thoughts of the beautiful universe she created while setting a vivid mood. This is something that i have trouble with while working on my own self published novella Children Of The Moon. It truly does create a very visual aspect to the words. Imagination is a big part of reading a book. The fact that Anne Rice has such a strong imagination and is able to apply it to the novel, allowing her readers to visualize almost exactly what she see’s while creating this universe is simply delightful. Some reviewers say that this is simply to fill up word count and thicken the novel. I personally believe that this is her style, it’s what lets all her readers be able to visualize the same universe, it creates a constant base visual that any reader can follow but allows each to have a variation of the same universe while maintaining the basic structure that Miss Rice depicted.

Since i purchased this novel from the Kindle store. I fell in love with every aspects of it. I cant wait to finish it, and be able to start reading the second installment!  For Christmas I’m going to ask for a physical copy of the book, and hopefully get it signed by Miss Rice once she visits Montreal once again.

Thank you kindly readers of the blog, and i truly hope you have the pleasure of reading this novel someday.

Photo from Anne Rice’s Personal Facebook



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New blog for my Children Of The Moon series (novella)

Hey to all my faithful readers out there. its time i get back to blogging and back to continuing my novels!!

i hope that you will keep with me as i go further and create a beautiful novel series based on the dreams and nightmares that have been haunting me, begging me to bring them into this world.

So i created a new blog just for my novella and whom ever would like to stick around with me as i battle the blank page and chase down the dreams that have wanted to manifest them selfs.

Children Of The Moon | A place for the Author of Children Of The Moon to rest his ideas and thoughts.

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“The Gay LifeStyle”

I actually find it offensive when people refer to orientation as a life style. It grinds me gears to hear people say ” It’s your choice to live that kind of life style” Or ” I don’t condone the gay life style“.

Blah it Makes me want to stuff a sock in their mouths. I do not have a Life Style, i have a life and im living it the way i want to, with no shame or things that hold me back. Most of the time I don’t care what people think of me, but at times it does get to me that humanity has come so far and yet has learned nothing but hate or fear of the unknown.

I feel as though i was born in the wrong century.


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My First Publications !

I am so ecstatic at the moment, I never thought that I could actually get something published let alone have two of my articles published!

The first to accept a piece of my written work was Pink ink. They are a small annual Zine in Ontario ( where im going to be moving to) They are also taking one of my pieces of art. I was so happy when I got the notice of it. They are going to publish it June 15th 2011.

The second one to accept a piece of my written work is RDF, a magazine based in MA in the US. Their going to publish my work in The summer of 2011. Its going to be called ( Memoirs Of A Gay Kid ) It talks about being gay and how I came to accept it. Look out for it if your in the US !

They may just be small publications, but its something im proud to accomplish. I was told by many people who i would never get anything published, and they would laugh at me for trying. But who’s laughing now!


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