Book: Children Of The Moon

Hey guys,  I’m Jean Phylipe Theriault author of Children of the Moon. These are a series of Kindle Singles leading up to a Kindle Novella.

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Series In publishing order:

Children of the Moon : Andrew’s Origin

Abused throughout his life by his father; a broken home was all he knew. His dreams haunted by a door and a wolf. Young Andrew is gifted the spirit of an ancient wolf; will he accept it, embrace it or will he deny it and fear it. Will it be enough to get him through disastrous events that will unfold? Or will it change his life for ever? 
Using a journal to document his dreams and the unfortunate events that transpire against him.These are the origins of Andrew the werewolf. A young gay man in falling in love with the vampire Caleb, befriended by Victoria a beautiful Gothic zombie and a ghost named Lance. Together they are the Children of the Moon. Each has their own origin and all live together in harmony in a beautiful Victorian home owned by his aunt Miss Rose Godwin.

Children of the Moon : The Vampire Caleb

Children of the Moon : The Zombie Victoria

Children of the Moon : Haunting of Lance

Children of the Moon : The Curious Death Of Miss Rose



Born may of 1992 in Montreal Canada.
Growing up in Vancouver with a family that strongly advocated the reading of books, exploring and developing artistic talents. I always felt the need to document my life in any way possible. I never let my dyslexia get the best of me.

At the age of 16 I had written my first literary work. A collection of journals and events in my life that i called Memoirs Of A Gay Kid; putting it aside to publish in the future. At the age of 20 I began writing Children of the Moon. A series that follows a young gay werewolf named Andrew whom falls madly in love with a vampire called Caleb. Living together in a home befriended by a zombie called Victoria, a ghost called Lance and Andrew’s aunt Miss Rose Godwin. Each have their own origins facing adversity, but together they live in harmony and peace until The Curious Death Of Miss Rose! Together they must find her killer and bring him to justice. Together they must fight the world of humans for the right to keep their beloved heaven of a home.

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