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Publishing Blues?

So ive been working on a book/Novella for a few weeks now. I showed it to a few people and they thought it was great and that I should continue it and find a way to publish it. It’s a book about my life, My mothers drug problems, my father and how he drove me to depression, my coming to terms with being gay and many more events in my life-like my first love. It’s a book about all the amazing and horrible things that ive been through. It’s basically an autobiography and a memoir. I was thinking of calling it ( Memoirs Of A Gay Kid) : Click Here for an extremely unedited snippet of two marking events. I’ve been told for a few years now that I should write this biography and ive started to do so. I really would love to see this published some day!

Finding a publisher is something that isn’t really easy to do. Because the book is about homosexuality and is a teen autobiography it seems to limit the disposition of Publishers available to the genre of the book. Not to mention that it will need to be re-edited a few times to fix up all the grammar and structure mistakes. It almost seems impossible to find one!  Perhaps I should turn it into a magazine article? Blah

Do you guys have any suggestions? I really don’t want to publish through a Vanity publisher. What are the steps i should take to realize this dream?


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