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My Theory About The Afterlife & Our Souls


One of the most discussed questions of all time is ” What happens when we die. Do we go to heaven or just stop existing

And this is what i personally believe to be true. My truth may not be yours, but please do respect it. I am always open to change my thoughts, if i agree with the argument in a rational way.  This article is in no way mean to demean any type of religious and cultural beliefs. I have great respect for the beliefs of others.

First off, lets take a look into a few scientific facts, that i use to rationalize my way of thinking about the afterlife.

1) The law of conservation of energy states : Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form, for instance chemical energy can be converted to kinetic energy in the explosion of a stick of dynamite.

2) The Construct Of The Brain: The brain constructs what our world looks/feels/smells/sounds and tastes like. Dreaming is a form of seeing and experiencing the world while our eyes are shut. It’s a construct of what the world is without following all the rules of the physical world.

3) Memories & The Soul : Memories are made by the flaring of neurons in the brain to record “clips” of memories, events, information and other concepts of speech, and thought. simply put out brain & body works on electricity ( Energy ). Every single interaction, thought, and concept that we live in our lives are memories forming the person that we are. Memories are who we are, they are what i believe are what we call our souls. 

Death is a very powerful thing, it can be harsh and brutal, or beautiful and meaningful to others. But what happens when we die. Do we go to a place that we call heaven, or a place we call hell. do we become angels or ghost. do we reincarnate of simply decay away in the ground. No one can truly prove the existence of the afterlife, But they can’t prove the absence of it either. Religions each have the specifics of what goes on after we die. But I’m not a religious type of person. I am spiritual by all means, but i do not put my faith in one thing more than the other. I believe in science, and spirituality.

Lets take into consideration the scientific facts i mentioned:

#3 Our memories, events, and life experience are what make our souls. The soul is Energy.

#2 The world as we see it, is a construct of the brain. The brain and body work by energy.

What im saying is that we are beings of energy, our self-awareness and sense of self are produced by the energy, and construct of the mind which in turn form our souls. And this is where #1 comes into play.

#1 Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, energy can only be converted.

Following my reasoning. We are made of energy. Our souls are made up of our memories, which are energy. If energy cannot be destroyed, and only converted. This means that when we die, our energy(soul) is not destroyed but converted into a different type of energy. Which means that we never truly die, we pass onto a different type of existence which i call the afterlife.



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My First Childhood Memory, age 1 1/2


So today i got a notification from my facebook account for something Anne Rice posted. ( http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/01/140124135705.htm ) And it got me thinking of my very own first memory. Its one that i hold very dearly to my heart.

The first memory that i can remember was that of when i was a year and a half old. I remember opening my eyes and looking around this white room that had Walt Disney wallpaper of Mickey mouse and Miney mouse all around the walls. I remember this beautiful white blanket with pink and blue flowers that my grandmother made for me. I could see an old white changing table that had diapers and baby powder on top. I can still remember the scent of Lilacs in the air. In Ontario lilacs grow like wildfire, and bloom in the early summer, filling the air with its beautiful scent for about a week or two. To this day lilacs are my favorite flower and scent!  I remember that my mother came into the room and sang me a lullaby to get me to sleep.

When i thought about the memory, i wondered if it was a real memory or a recall of a dream. But when i spoke to my mother about it, she told me that the room, and things i was describing where very real, and that it was the first apartment that she moved into after my birth. ( before she was living with my father) It’s amazing that i can remember things from my childhood, and adolescence so vividly and recall small details that are very accurate.

This memory is something i hold very dear to my heart. The reason being is that soon after this memory family problems plagued my life until i was 16, when i decided to live my life away from them for a few years.

What are your most treasured memories, and the earliest ones that you can remember?

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