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My Philosophy To A Good Life In 3 Steps

Dear readers,

I thought i would post something that means quite allot to me. My own personal philosophy to life, and growth.

1) A Quote that i truly admire, which i picked up from my french teacher and author Laurent Fadanni. ” Il reste toujour un peut de parfum a la main qui donne des rose.” Which means; There is always a hint of perfume left behind by the person who gives roses to others. This quote is about Karma, It means the good that you do onto others out of joy and a sheer random act of kindness will always stay with you. The good you put out into the world will come back to you. Send out positive vibrations into the world, and the world with respond positively. Give out negative vibrations, and the world will respond with negativity.

2) You need to let go of anger, revenge, grudges. During your entire life people will be mean, heartless, cruel and careless towards you. If you hang on to those emotions of anger towards that person, they win. Theirs no point to keep feeling those emotions. They bring you down, make you sad, depressed, and focus all your time and energy to hating these people. when you could be devoting it to love, kindness, and having fun with this short life we have. Here is an example. ( A bully comes up to me. Calls me a fagot, whore, slut and circulates rumors around the work place about me that just makes me blow a fuse.)  Then this Bully quits for no reason, and yet i still sitting on these emotions of hate, and anger towards this person who did this terrible thing to me. For all i know the bully could have quit, moved on with his life, forgot about what he said, and kept being happy. but here i am thinking about this bully, and devoting time thinking of arguments, and payback, when this person has moved on already. If you give into this then that bully won, because he is happy where ever he his, he’s moving on with his life and not looking back. He has a hold on you, without even being near you,  and your still there, unhappy, and stuck with the scenario going round and round in your head. When you could have spent your precious time having a good time, enjoying life, and looking in the positive side of things.

So letting go, is the most powerful thing you can do. It means you’re not letting that bully control you anymore, you’re taking control of your emotions, and deciding that letting go to be happy is better than sulking in the grudge.

3) An Open And Educated Mind, Is A Sane Mind. Be open to change, and acceptance. This world is a world that is in constant change. You cannot close your mind off to things that you do not understand or fear. Keep an open mind to new things, people, and ways of life. The moment you close yourself off from change, you become stagnant in life. Stuck and un able to move with the flow of everything. Life is about growth, and change, love and kindness. Acceptance, and evolving. Educate yourself, in this day and age, you have access to all the information around the world. Why keep a simple mind, when you could have a great and powerful mind that is able to think and grown for itself. Do not allow parents, teachers, superiors or governments dictate what is right and what is wrong. Think for your self, and only for yourself, find the good and the bad on your own, know the facts, make decisions based on clear reason, and try to view every perspective before you decide.



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Platonic love, Asexuality, Androgyny, Spirituality Is It So Bad ?

Over the years I have come out as a gay man; to my friends, my family, and my teachers. I’ve come to terms with it, and see it as a blessing. But I cant help but notice how gay men can pass themselves around so much, and how its become a stereotype…

I myself am not a sexual person, I don’t seek sex or anything in that nature. I would much rather find my soul sister and spend the rest of my life with him, than spend a one night stand with a random trick. Like any other teen I used to make so many sexual jokes, and remarks, laugh with friends about it; act like I wanted to take part in the act, when really I wasn’t interested in it. I don’t see what the big fuss is about, I mean so much preparation and effort for just a simple animal act. I toled my friend once that i wanted to be married, and wait until i have sex. She thought i was crazy.

I believe that we are made in pairs, and that we are damned to this earth to learn from out mistakes, to find our soul sister, so that when we die we may pass onto another stage of life. We transcend into another world made of energy. After all we are energy, and energy can never be stopped or killed, only replaced into the cycle. I do not believe in Religion that is written by man. If it has been written by man then it is flawed! ” Life is just a right of passage, Death is just the beginning. Jean-Phylipe Theriault” ( These are just my views on life, Mine and not yours. please do not enforce your religion onto others. Yes, You have an opinion, it is yours to share but there is a limit, please keep an open mind)

On that note, i would have hoped that humanity would have evolved to become Androgynous. I belive Lady GaGa will open the doors to that new age. We will learn to love, to turn the cheek so that we may pass on.

I am Platonic, I am Asexual, A am Gay; I am a Mother, A Father, A Brother, A Sister, and most of all i am A Little Monster!


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