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Yukimono – The Art Of Bonsai Pots

I must say I am inspired by bonsai these days, but there is a part of the bonsai art that is unseen. – The art of Bonsai Pots!

Bonsai pots a truly beautiful pieces of art, the are in harmony with the bonsai tree when used properly. They come is so many different shapes, colours and sizes that really do make the bonsai more beautiful then it already is. They can be made from many different materials, but my favorite are made, and come from Japan! especially from a little store that Miss Yukimono has put up on etsy.

My all time favorite pot (set of pots) that she has drives me crazy! (yes im Fangirling over this!)

Japanese Tokoname oval pink&blue mame pot set:(Click Here To View)


 I can wait until I have enough money saved to get them. I dream of having a Turquoise or Blue Mame pot so that I can make a wonderful Rosemary Bonsai and place it in one of these amazing High quality pots that are made in the Tokoname district of Japan

Their made by a Japanese potter, Hidemi Kataoka and sold by a wonderful lady called Yukiko Kasai or (Yukimono) 🙂

She has a beautiful blog that you can find by clicking HERE. where she talks about her passions for bonsai and bonsai pots. as well as a cute little instructable on how to make a moss ball bonsai. And her Etsy store is to die for! which you can also find my clicking HERE.

Beautiful Yukimono herself.


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