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Story Of How I Stabbed A Pop Can… And Got Stuck

My nails grow incredibly long and are as thick as steel. I do let them grow, since when they are short it hurts my finger tips.

So I’m hanging out with my best friend at the school cafeteria. ( we had a spare ) and i finished my little coke can.

Vanessa ” OMG you so have to try to stab a hole in this pop can with your nails! “
Me Bahaha gurl i wonder if i can?”
And so i stabbed the can with my finger, and got it stuck. I persisted to go to the main office….
me “Do you have scissors??”
Secretary 1yah, but where not giving them out”
MeUmmm (Holds up my finger )…  I got stuck to this can, i need them to cut it open, i dont want to rip off my finger..”
Secretary 1 ” OMG how… what?… Were going to have to send you to the school nurse….”
Secretary 2 comes out and is like ” Wow im not even going to ask about how you got that stuck on there…” and she squeezed the can. almost cutting me. But luckily the can came off and my finger was intacked.
Principal come out ” .Wow, how did you manage that.. I’m not even gonna ask”

and so i leave the room with like 4 people staring at me. wondering why i had a coke can stuck to my finger.

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