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Talking About My Novella, Children Of the Moon: Andrews Origin

Hey guys, just talking about working on my novella children of the moon Andrews origin. Giving you guys a little bit of the story line, and character background. Here is the Link to the Kindle Edition:



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January 19, 2014 · 10:06 pm

New Vlogs & Videos Coming Out

Dear readers of the blog,

As some of you know i had a youtube channel names TheRobinMonster <–Click. I use to upload videos of a comedic nature as well as some more serious ones. unfortunately my account got hacked a while back and my videos were delete. At the same time this happened my Camera broke and i was un able to replace them.

But now i have myself a fancy iphone 4s and from that im going to be uploading new Vlogs, and videos from it. Some about my novella children of the moon. Some about my life. and some just for laughs and giggle.

So i do hope you’ll follow me there and keep track with me.


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Anne Rice: The Inspiration That Pushed Me To Write My Novella

Dear readers,

One of the greatest inspirations i have ever had in regards to becoming an author is Miss Anne Rice. Creating a universe of my own, and bringing my characters to life has been a struggle but has become a great achievement!

When i first wrote Children Of The Moon: Andrew’s Origin, I never thought i would ever publish it or put it out there for people to read. But then i found a video on youtube about Anne Rice giving some advice on writing. The Moment i finished that video i just knew that i should self publish my first novelette as an e-book. It may be just the prologue to my main novella, but it has opened up doors to publishing, reviews, and countless emails of good and bad. Just knowing that someone out there is reading my novella, and giving life to my characters in their imagination is truly amazing to me.

Since Andrew’s Origin i have been working on my next novella Children Of The Moon, The Curious Death Of Miss Rose. And i just love following the adventures that my characters are going on, and this is thanks to Anne Rice. Without that little push i would have never of gotten good, positive outlooks on my little project. Even the negative is a good thing to me. From that i can grow, and change.

Thank you Anne Rice for the inspiration!

Partial review of The Wolf Gift :  Click Me! 


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