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A Haiku Poem: Seasons Of The Heart

The Seasons Of The Heart

By: Jean-Phylipe Theriault

A cold heart,
Is like winter,
Waiting for the warm embrace of spring,
And the heat of summer.

A warm heart,
Is like summer,
Waiting for the cold embrace of the fall,
Shattering in the winter

A broken heart,
Is like spring,
Waiting to flower like a rose,
And rise like a phoenix.

I decided to write 3 little Haiku’s. It does not follow the traditional Japanese format, but for a specific reason. The heart never follows the same format. Love is a never-ending cycle of seasons. I was inspired by Becket  a brilliant author, whom was holding a Haiku contest for an autographed copy of his work. I decided to elaborate my Haiku (俳句) and post it to my blog.


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