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A Haiku Poem: Seasons Of The Heart

The Seasons Of The Heart

By: Jean-Phylipe Theriault

A cold heart,
Is like winter,
Waiting for the warm embrace of spring,
And the heat of summer.

A warm heart,
Is like summer,
Waiting for the cold embrace of the fall,
Shattering in the winter

A broken heart,
Is like spring,
Waiting to flower like a rose,
And rise like a phoenix.

I decided to write 3 little Haiku’s. It does not follow the traditional Japanese format, but for a specific reason. The heart never follows the same format. Love is a never-ending cycle of seasons. I was inspired by Becket  a brilliant author, whom was holding a Haiku contest for an autographed copy of his work. I decided to elaborate my Haiku (俳句) and post it to my blog.


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My First Childhood Memory, age 1 1/2


So today i got a notification from my facebook account for something Anne Rice posted. ( http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/01/140124135705.htm ) And it got me thinking of my very own first memory. Its one that i hold very dearly to my heart.

The first memory that i can remember was that of when i was a year and a half old. I remember opening my eyes and looking around this white room that had Walt Disney wallpaper of Mickey mouse and Miney mouse all around the walls. I remember this beautiful white blanket with pink and blue flowers that my grandmother made for me. I could see an old white changing table that had diapers and baby powder on top. I can still remember the scent of Lilacs in the air. In Ontario lilacs grow like wildfire, and bloom in the early summer, filling the air with its beautiful scent for about a week or two. To this day lilacs are my favorite flower and scent!  I remember that my mother came into the room and sang me a lullaby to get me to sleep.

When i thought about the memory, i wondered if it was a real memory or a recall of a dream. But when i spoke to my mother about it, she told me that the room, and things i was describing where very real, and that it was the first apartment that she moved into after my birth. ( before she was living with my father) It’s amazing that i can remember things from my childhood, and adolescence so vividly and recall small details that are very accurate.

This memory is something i hold very dear to my heart. The reason being is that soon after this memory family problems plagued my life until i was 16, when i decided to live my life away from them for a few years.

What are your most treasured memories, and the earliest ones that you can remember?

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Anne Rice: The Inspiration That Pushed Me To Write My Novella

Dear readers,

One of the greatest inspirations i have ever had in regards to becoming an author is Miss Anne Rice. Creating a universe of my own, and bringing my characters to life has been a struggle but has become a great achievement!

When i first wrote Children Of The Moon: Andrew’s Origin, I never thought i would ever publish it or put it out there for people to read. But then i found a video on youtube about Anne Rice giving some advice on writing. The Moment i finished that video i just knew that i should self publish my first novelette as an e-book. It may be just the prologue to my main novella, but it has opened up doors to publishing, reviews, and countless emails of good and bad. Just knowing that someone out there is reading my novella, and giving life to my characters in their imagination is truly amazing to me.

Since Andrew’s Origin i have been working on my next novella Children Of The Moon, The Curious Death Of Miss Rose. And i just love following the adventures that my characters are going on, and this is thanks to Anne Rice. Without that little push i would have never of gotten good, positive outlooks on my little project. Even the negative is a good thing to me. From that i can grow, and change.

Thank you Anne Rice for the inspiration!

Partial review of The Wolf Gift :  Click Me! 


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Anne Rice: The Wolf Gift Partial Review

The Wolf Gift Chronicles

By Anne Rice

Dear readers,

Its been such a long while since I posted something on my blog, and I wanted to let you know I’m back, and I’m starting with a review of an amazing book by Anne Rice! I haven’t finished the entire novel, but so far I absolutely love every aspect of it.

I would like to start off saying this is the first Anne Rice novel i have had the pleasure of reading. The characters are extremely well written, and seem to take on a life of their own. The interaction between them is fluid and somewhat imperfect at the same time. Almost like their holding back from divulging what the other wants to hear, which is a good thing because a dialogue between two people; in real life, is not a linear thing that flows together with the goal of mutual interest. This is something alot of authors do. Their characters speak too perfectly allowing each party to interact together in a linear way, each saying exactly what is on their minds. Something normal humans do not do, they hold back, and keep pieces of information from the other for personal reasons that are affected by life experience and personality.

Miss Rice seems to take this into consideration when writing her characters. They hold a conversation together, but they hold back from speaking their minds, each not knowing the others intentions. The author then  gives the reader insight into the minds of the characters. Altogether it makes the interactions between them authentic, adding to the exquisite experience that is The Wolf gift.

Something that i truly admire from Anne Rice is the way she describes so perfectly the scenery, emotions, thoughts of the beautiful universe she created while setting a vivid mood. This is something that i have trouble with while working on my own self published novella Children Of The Moon. It truly does create a very visual aspect to the words. Imagination is a big part of reading a book. The fact that Anne Rice has such a strong imagination and is able to apply it to the novel, allowing her readers to visualize almost exactly what she see’s while creating this universe is simply delightful. Some reviewers say that this is simply to fill up word count and thicken the novel. I personally believe that this is her style, it’s what lets all her readers be able to visualize the same universe, it creates a constant base visual that any reader can follow but allows each to have a variation of the same universe while maintaining the basic structure that Miss Rice depicted.

Since i purchased this novel from the Kindle store. I fell in love with every aspects of it. I cant wait to finish it, and be able to start reading the second installment!  For Christmas I’m going to ask for a physical copy of the book, and hopefully get it signed by Miss Rice once she visits Montreal once again.

Thank you kindly readers of the blog, and i truly hope you have the pleasure of reading this novel someday.

Photo from Anne Rice’s Personal Facebook



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Inspiring People : Anne Rice

Anne Rice is first and foremost my biggest inspiration for writing. She inspired me to keep on going when the people around me kept telling me that i ould never get published. That i would never write something worthy of publishing.

I made this video to thank her for being such an amazing person. Its part of a series of videos ill be making about the people whom inspire me. and have shaped the way i see the world. I hope you enjoy. and i really do hope you check out this amazing author.



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Platonic love, Asexuality, Androgyny, Spirituality Is It So Bad ?

Over the years I have come out as a gay man; to my friends, my family, and my teachers. I’ve come to terms with it, and see it as a blessing. But I cant help but notice how gay men can pass themselves around so much, and how its become a stereotype…

I myself am not a sexual person, I don’t seek sex or anything in that nature. I would much rather find my soul sister and spend the rest of my life with him, than spend a one night stand with a random trick. Like any other teen I used to make so many sexual jokes, and remarks, laugh with friends about it; act like I wanted to take part in the act, when really I wasn’t interested in it. I don’t see what the big fuss is about, I mean so much preparation and effort for just a simple animal act. I toled my friend once that i wanted to be married, and wait until i have sex. She thought i was crazy.

I believe that we are made in pairs, and that we are damned to this earth to learn from out mistakes, to find our soul sister, so that when we die we may pass onto another stage of life. We transcend into another world made of energy. After all we are energy, and energy can never be stopped or killed, only replaced into the cycle. I do not believe in Religion that is written by man. If it has been written by man then it is flawed! ” Life is just a right of passage, Death is just the beginning. Jean-Phylipe Theriault” ( These are just my views on life, Mine and not yours. please do not enforce your religion onto others. Yes, You have an opinion, it is yours to share but there is a limit, please keep an open mind)

On that note, i would have hoped that humanity would have evolved to become Androgynous. I belive Lady GaGa will open the doors to that new age. We will learn to love, to turn the cheek so that we may pass on.

I am Platonic, I am Asexual, A am Gay; I am a Mother, A Father, A Brother, A Sister, and most of all i am A Little Monster!


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Anne Rice To Make A Stand Against Anti-Gay And Anti-Feminist Religion

Anne Rice

The famous author of “Interview With A VampireAnne Rice has recently made statment such as  “It’s simply impossible for me to ‘belong’ to this quarrelsome, hostile, disputatious, and deservedly infamous group. For ten years, I’ve tried. I’ve failed. I’m an outside. My conscience will allow nothing else

I find this to be a very courageous action for a women to make regarding the fact that she has been following the religion for a very long time. Leaving organised religion such as Christianity for the sake of being Christian is hard. This statement is a strong one to make, religion can be a very hateful thing that many people use to fuel their hatred for change. But on the other hand if followed correctly with an open spirit  it can teach you to accept, to respect and to love one another. If only people could see that if you follow a religion from a book that was written by man ( Which is Flawed!) will lead to destruction.

I wish the best, to you and your son! Congratulation Anne, you are an amazing women, author and human!

P.S  I  LOVE Interview with a vampire! (i should read the book some time)


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