My Philosophy To A Good Life In 3 Steps

Dear readers,

I thought i would post something that means quite allot to me. My own personal philosophy to life, and growth.

1) A Quote that i truly admire, which i picked up from my french teacher and author Laurent Fadanni. ” Il reste toujour un peut de parfum a la main qui donne des rose.” Which means; There is always a hint of perfume left behind by the person who gives roses to others. This quote is about Karma, It means the good that you do onto others out of joy and a sheer random act of kindness will always stay with you. The good you put out into the world will come back to you. Send out positive vibrations into the world, and the world with respond positively. Give out negative vibrations, and the world will respond with negativity.

2) You need to let go of anger, revenge, grudges. During your entire life people will be mean, heartless, cruel and careless towards you. If you hang on to those emotions of anger towards that person, they win. Theirs no point to keep feeling those emotions. They bring you down, make you sad, depressed, and focus all your time and energy to hating these people. when you could be devoting it to love, kindness, and having fun with this short life we have. Here is an example. ( A bully comes up to me. Calls me a fagot, whore, slut and circulates rumors around the work place about me that just makes me blow a fuse.)  Then this Bully quits for no reason, and yet i still sitting on these emotions of hate, and anger towards this person who did this terrible thing to me. For all i know the bully could have quit, moved on with his life, forgot about what he said, and kept being happy. but here i am thinking about this bully, and devoting time thinking of arguments, and payback, when this person has moved on already. If you give into this then that bully won, because he is happy where ever he his, he’s moving on with his life and not looking back. He has a hold on you, without even being near you,  and your still there, unhappy, and stuck with the scenario going round and round in your head. When you could have spent your precious time having a good time, enjoying life, and looking in the positive side of things.

So letting go, is the most powerful thing you can do. It means you’re not letting that bully control you anymore, you’re taking control of your emotions, and deciding that letting go to be happy is better than sulking in the grudge.

3) An Open And Educated Mind, Is A Sane Mind. Be open to change, and acceptance. This world is a world that is in constant change. You cannot close your mind off to things that you do not understand or fear. Keep an open mind to new things, people, and ways of life. The moment you close yourself off from change, you become stagnant in life. Stuck and un able to move with the flow of everything. Life is about growth, and change, love and kindness. Acceptance, and evolving. Educate yourself, in this day and age, you have access to all the information around the world. Why keep a simple mind, when you could have a great and powerful mind that is able to think and grown for itself. Do not allow parents, teachers, superiors or governments dictate what is right and what is wrong. Think for your self, and only for yourself, find the good and the bad on your own, know the facts, make decisions based on clear reason, and try to view every perspective before you decide.



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Talking About My Novella, Children Of the Moon: Andrews Origin

Hey guys, just talking about working on my novella children of the moon Andrews origin. Giving you guys a little bit of the story line, and character background. Here is the Link to the Kindle Edition:

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January 19, 2014 · 10:06 pm

My Fear Of Love : Philophobia

Philophobia: is the fear of being in love and falling in love. The risk is usually when a person has confronted any emotional turmoil relating to love in the past but also can be chronic phobia

I must admit that finding love, a true and great love is something that i’ve always wanted in my life. But when it comes to me, this quest comes coupled with a crippling fear of it. (i.e Philophobia )

I’ve been through a few dating websites in my short time in adulthood, and a select few men that i could see myself with for the rest of my life. Taking steps to meet them, date them and start a connection is hard for me. I’ve only ever seen 3 men, in a relationship/dating sense. Each time a connection is made, the guy starts to have feelings for me, and as soon as i can feel it, or they let me know…. BAM!! like someone slapping me a cross the face, Philophobia kicks in.

The worst part of it, is that in the perspective of these men, i’m leading them on, playing games. I seem cold, distant, uncaring. But in my perspective, its because i’m feeling something towards them, that i start to distance my self from them, in fear of love. And i cant seem to let them know.

My mother went out of her way to make sure that i know im loved, my father on the other hand wasnt part of the picture much in my life, and doesn’t express many emotions, its hard to even know what he feels. I have been loved, and loved others, but when it comes to dating, its a fault that i cant seem to shake.

This is something that i work on every single day. not in the sense that i try to connect with other. but in the way that i have to work on loving myself first. In the famous words of RuPaulIf you cant love your self, then how in the hell are you going to love some one else.

I wrote this to let people know, that this is a serious issue, and when a guy you love, that doesn’t seem to love you back, could possibly have this fear. and that you should try to understand it. For people like me, with this fear. its hard to give your heart away. And its even harder when your aware of the issues.

In my life, 21 years of life. I’ve only fallen in love twice. Once when i was just 14, with a very kind guy in the US. It was a long distance relationship that i had for a long while. And the second was when i was 19, with a handsome man. only i fell in love with him about much later. Strange that i never met him even though we lived in the same province, never spoke to him over the phone, and yett  ive kept contact with for a long time since that time. I can’t tell if i love the person he is. or the ideal of him. In any event, ive never told him how i felt, nor will i ever. I haven’t been in a place in my life that im ready to start dating. No job, no place, no extra education, distance is an issue, family problems. and the list goes on.


When is the perfect time to start loving, and how can you get over this fear. These are things i constantly ask myself.



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My Favorite 3 Free LGBT Dating & Community Apps

As technology integrates its self more and more into out lives, we as a community of LGBT people have become more connected with each other, whether its for online dating or social media sites. We can come together as a whole and stay connected with my favorite 5 apps! What i look for in LGBT applications : Community, Dating & is the application original or are a Wannabe.

1.) GROWLr : The Gay Bear Social Network


As one of my favorite Bear apps out there, i’ve come to love Growlr as my go to Dating and Community App. The community can keep in touch with each other, local and worldwide. The people on this app are kind and friendly; Open and amazing. The creators of the app CEO & Founder, Coley Cummiskey & Initech LLC have made waves since their launch in 2010. Their application is simple to use, the navigation is clear and uncomplicated. The visual aspect of it is just fabulous and tidy. Some applications focus on the look, displaying profile pictures and profiles in the same place, making it look cluttered and messy. But GROWLr may be simple, but in this case simplicity is beauty in regards to the aesthetics of the app. Go and DOWNLOAD this app!

2) OkCupid


While most apps and dating websites focus on the stats of a person ( i.e: height, weight, Top/Bottom) OkCupid brings a focus to the personality aspect of a person. Based on the more questions you answer, the more OkCupid can build a customized personality chart, and based on that chart it will find you suitors that are best matched with your own personality. The application, and website are both aesthetically pleasing and stunning. The Quivers, and Matches are just wonderful. The neat part is that it will allow you to view the questions your match  answered and personality profile. OkCupid brings something new and authentic to the screen, and you will not be disappointed. This Application caters to the LGBT community as well as all other community’s. Go and DOWNLOAD this Amazing app!

3.) Gaydar Radio


Simply put Gaydar has two applications available. One being Gardar Radio, and Gaydar – Millions of gay men which is a dating application. My favorite is the Radio aspect to it. who doesn’t LOVE remixed music from the LGBT community! The music is vast and has a wide selection of original and mainstream. Go DOWNLOAD the application !

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New Vlogs & Videos Coming Out

Dear readers of the blog,

As some of you know i had a youtube channel names TheRobinMonster <–Click. I use to upload videos of a comedic nature as well as some more serious ones. unfortunately my account got hacked a while back and my videos were delete. At the same time this happened my Camera broke and i was un able to replace them.

But now i have myself a fancy iphone 4s and from that im going to be uploading new Vlogs, and videos from it. Some about my novella children of the moon. Some about my life. and some just for laughs and giggle.

So i do hope you’ll follow me there and keep track with me.

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Personal Recipe: Canadian Maple-Walnut Banana Bread

This is a recipe that i came up with and have been using for years. Its my very favorite way to make banana bread. There are hundreds of ways to make it, and ive tried quite a bit of them until i found that mixing them together is a fun way to make one. I’m the type of guy that likes a thick, more cake like banana bread. Fluffy bread-like is nice, but not my favorite.


3 Large Ripe Banana’s (Frozen over night and defrosted) .

1 Large Egg.

4 table spoons of  Grade A or B Maple Syrup ( Dark colored Maple Syrup. ~ not the cheap glucose syrup.)

Half Cup of Wall-nuts.

1 and a half cups of white flour.

1 cup of brown sugar.

1/2 Table Spoon Baking powder

1/2 Table Spoon Baking soda.

a pinch of salt.

2 Table Spoon of Vanilla Extract.

4 Table Spoon of Butter ( Room Temperature)

1 Large Teaspoon of Instant coffee grains.

How To:

In a bowl crush 3 defrosted Banana’s. Mix in the Vanilla, Syrup, Butter and Instant coffee until you create a paste. In a Different bowl Mix the flour, salt,brown sugar, baking powder and baking soda together. Add the Dry ingredients into the banana paste. Mix together with a fork until the paste thickens and there is no more dry ingredients. Add the walnuts.

Preheat oven to 350. Add mix into a greased little bread pan. Cook for 1hour. when there is 20mn left until the baking time is over. Coat the Banana Bread with Maple Syrup. This will create a crispy and sweet exterior.

Tip: A fun little trick, dice some walnuts, add to the top of the mix once in the pan. combines with the maple syrup added in the end. it makes an awesome combination.



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Anne Rice: The Inspiration That Pushed Me To Write My Novella

Dear readers,

One of the greatest inspirations i have ever had in regards to becoming an author is Miss Anne Rice. Creating a universe of my own, and bringing my characters to life has been a struggle but has become a great achievement!

When i first wrote Children Of The Moon: Andrew’s Origin, I never thought i would ever publish it or put it out there for people to read. But then i found a video on youtube about Anne Rice giving some advice on writing. The Moment i finished that video i just knew that i should self publish my first novelette as an e-book. It may be just the prologue to my main novella, but it has opened up doors to publishing, reviews, and countless emails of good and bad. Just knowing that someone out there is reading my novella, and giving life to my characters in their imagination is truly amazing to me.

Since Andrew’s Origin i have been working on my next novella Children Of The Moon, The Curious Death Of Miss Rose. And i just love following the adventures that my characters are going on, and this is thanks to Anne Rice. Without that little push i would have never of gotten good, positive outlooks on my little project. Even the negative is a good thing to me. From that i can grow, and change.

Thank you Anne Rice for the inspiration!

Partial review of The Wolf Gift :  Click Me! 


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