Starting To Bonsai – With a Lilac Seedling

Hey guys, I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I would keep you updated in my latest adventures!

Last year I got my first bonsai ever, it was a ficus ginseng bonsai that I saved from dying at my local WalMart. I don’t have any photos of it since I had to move and leave it behind. but it was a successful purchase and it thrived to become a beautiful bonsai. Since then I’ve had bonsai on the mind and I cant stop but wondering about the art and what I could to with it.

I’m currently studying videos and blogs online to get a handle on what is proper care and what are the perfect trees and shrubs I should use.

Yesterday I was taking a look at my mothers lawn and found a beautiful little lilac seedling growing from the darkest part of the lawn covered in giant conifers. I said to my self “Why not?” so I snatched it up and im going to grow it into a Mame bonsai. ( Mame; meaning Bean in Japanese,) is a miniature bonsai. (Below is a photo of what I picked up) its a common Lilac that flowers in a light purple colour.


Yes I know this is not a good pot for any plant because I run the risk of drowning it, It is a temporary arrangement until I find a suitable pot for it.

The art of bonsai is not an immediate art like painting or drawing. Its the art of the living, it takes years to create a beautiful peace of art, and even then the art is never finished. This is the art that lasts a life time, continuously growing and changing. While some trees and shrubs can be instantly made into bonsai others that are grown from seedlings can take decades. Back in high school, when I finished a piece of art I would say ” its done” and my Art teacher would always say. “art is never finished, only abandoned by the artist.” I now know what he meant. Bonsai is an ever changing art form. Your working with a living breathing entity that will stay with you for years to come, and even go down a few generations. It will change and give you new opportunities to perfect it and alter it if you must. A bonsai is never truly abandoned, other artists will come along and continue its art, leaving their mark and style as well.

So this is why im currently obsessed with bonsai and I cant wait to start my adventures !

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