Gay Romance Movie : Lilies (1996)

Lilies (1996)

Plot: In 1952 Québec, Bishop Jean Bilodeau is taking the last confession of an inmate in a prison. The bishop, locked in the confessional, is instead treated to a morality play orchestrated by the inmate and the chaplain of the prison and acted by the hardened inmates at the prison. The play shows the life of the bishop in 1912 when he and the inmate, named Simon Doucette, were fellow students at a Catholic boys school. They were once best friends. Simon and another student named Vallier began a homosexual relationship, one where Vallier was more open about his true feelings. Simon, repressing his feelings, instead began a relationship with a visiting woman named Lydie-Anne, the two who planned to move away from the town once they were married. Ultimately, the play shows Bilodeau’s interaction with the group and his role in Simon’s incarceration.

why: To my personal taste this movie is frankly The most Original LGBT movie out there. The way the film is composed and shot is simply marvelous. The contrast between past and present is very original and the way that it is presented is just amazing. The actors where wonderful in each of their parts. The romance and drama of the piece is authentic,  beautiful and saddening. You Simply must watch this movie. Dont watch the trailers found online, they make the movie seem like a piece of shit. 


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