My First Publications !

I am so ecstatic at the moment, I never thought that I could actually get something published let alone have two of my articles published!

The first to accept a piece of my written work was Pink ink. They are a small annual Zine in Ontario ( where im going to be moving to) They are also taking one of my pieces of art. I was so happy when I got the notice of it. They are going to publish it June 15th 2011.

The second one to accept a piece of my written work is RDF, a magazine based in MA in the US. Their going to publish my work in The summer of 2011. Its going to be called ( Memoirs Of A Gay Kid ) It talks about being gay and how I came to accept it. Look out for it if your in the US !

They may just be small publications, but its something im proud to accomplish. I was told by many people who i would never get anything published, and they would laugh at me for trying. But who’s laughing now!



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2 responses to “My First Publications !

  1. J.H. Trumble

    This is how it all starts, kiddo! A HUGE congratulations. You’re on your way. Remember to enjoy the ride 🙂

    • Robin Hartman

      Thanks! When i got the email i thought it was a rejection, but when i realized is was asking me if i wanted a contributors copy, i instantly called my mom in Ontario!

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