List of Canadian LGBT movies

I saw on OUTTV’s facebook account that they where wondering what lgbt movies we liked most. and then i wanted to make a list of a lot of LGBt movies from Canada, or in collaboration. It toke me for ever to make this ! almost 2 days to collect all information. The movies i put in the BOLD font are the ones that i’ve seen, and think are great!

Here it is :

2 secondes (2 Seconds), Canada (1998)
The Adjuster, Canada (1991)
Amnésie: L’énigme James Brighton, Canada (2005)
Ararat, Canada (2002)
The Baby Formula, Canada (2009)
Being at Home with Claude, Canada (1992)
Below the Belt, Canada (short, 1999)
Better Than Chocolate, Canada (1999)
Capote, Canada/US (2005)
The Chinese Botanist’s Daughters (植物园), Les Filles du botaniste, France/Canada (2006)
C.R.A.Z.Y., Canada (2005)
Deadly Skies, Canada/US (2005)
Drift, Canada (2000)
The Event, Canada/US (2003)
Everyone, Canada (2004)
Fatherhood Dreams (film), Canada (2007)
Fire (फायर), India/Canada (1996)
Flow, Canada/US (1996)
Fortune and Men’s Eyes, Canada/US (1971)
Full Blast, Canada (1999)
The Hanging Garden, UK/Canada (1997)
High Art, Canada/US (1998)
Hustler White, Canada (1996)
Ice Blues, Canada (2008)
Ice Men, Canada (2004)
Interviews with My Next Girlfriend, Canada (short, 2002)
I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing, Canada (1987)
J’ai tué ma mère (I Killed My Mother), Canada (2009)
Leaving Metropolis, Canada (2002)
Les filles du botaniste, France/Canada (2006)
Liberace: Behind the Music, US/Canada (1988)
Lilies, Canada (1995)
The Lollipop Generation, Canada (2008)
Lost and Delirious, Canada (2001)
Love and Human Remains, Canada (1993)
Love on the Side, Canada (2004)
Mambo Italiano, Canada (2003)
The Monkey’s Mask, Australia/Canada/France/Italy/Japan (2000)
Mulligans (film), Canada (2008)
The Nature of Nicholas, Canada (2002)
The Night Listener, US (2006)
No Night is Too Long, UK/Canada (2002)
On the Other Hand, Death, Canada/US (2008)
Outrageous!, Canada (1977)
The Perfect Son, Canada (2000)
Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story, Canada (2004)
Queercore: A Punk-u-mentary, Canada (1996)
The Raspberry Reich, Germany/Canada (2004)
Revoir Julie (Julie and Me), Canada (1998)
Salut, Victor, Canada (1989)
Saved by the Belles, Canada (2003)
The Sex of the Stars, Canada (1993)
Skin Gang, Skin Flick, Canada/UK/Japan (1999)
Stardom, Canada/France (2000)
Straight for the Heart (À corps perdu), Canada/Switzerland (1988)
Super 8½, Canada/Germany (1993)
Third Man Out, Canada/US (2005)
Touch of Pink, Canada/UK (2004)
When Night is Falling, Canada (1995)
Whole New Thing, Canada (2005)
Wilby Wonderful, Canada (2004)
Winter Kept Us Warm, Canada (1965)
The Yo-Yo Gang, Canada (1992)
Zero Patience, Canada (1993)



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9 responses to “List of Canadian LGBT movies

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  3. Wow.. there is someone else who’s knowledge of Canadian films surpasses mine.. you have flicks mentioned I did not know. and i am remiss..

    • Robin Hartman

      why thank you! well their not solely filmed in Canada, most of the films listed have been shot in Canada or is in partnership of some sort with a Canadian link.and i missed one ” Two frogs in the west” its a new film that came out not to long ago fro quebec, and B.C i think

  4. you forgot Breakfast with Scot (2007)… simply adorable!

  5. Marcantonio

    I’m trying to name a gay themed movie set in Montreal made I think in the late 1990’s. There is a scene where two men dine in a suit in the Chateau Frontenac and a later scene where the young man goes to a gay bathhouse and cuts his wrists in a spa bath.
    Can anyone help me out with this? email me. Thanks

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