My analysis of The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga.

For my french oral exam, we were given the task of finding a poet and poem or an artist and a song, so that we can analyze it and present it to him. ( side note : he really is into philosophy, spiritualism, poetry. He really is against most mainstream stuff theses days like Lady gaga, with a hatred for Wal-Mart and Mc.Donald’s)
For the exam  i could not find a poet i loved enough to analyze so i thought maybe i should choose a song…
fast forward to the morning before the exam. I woke up a few hours before my normal time. So that i could hurry up and find a song i wanted to analyze. It was impossible to choose! So i thought maybe i should just choose an entire album and analyze each song and Album as a whole. I wanted to prove a point to him. And so i chose The Fame Monster by Lady GaGa!  He really does not like her much and spoke badly of her during class as some examples. I needed to prove a point and show him a new outlook. He is a highly intellectual individual, a published poet, screen writer and is really subject to have people change something about him, until i arrived.
This is what i found from analysing the album :
The album is about fears. ( The fear of Love Monster, The fear of Sex Monster, The fear of Death Monster, The fear of Alcohol Monster, The fear of Lonesomeness Monster…)
Dance In The Dark
This song is my favourite in thew album. It’s about women in history who got harassed by their lovers, used by the paparazzi, the journals, and the media. Is a beautiful song. A wonderful piece of art !
Bad Romance (Fear Of  Love Monster)
The romance behind this song is of one between a women and her best friend. The worst love there is our there. Falling for you best friend. The fear of the loss. It’s truly a Bad Romance!
Alejandro (Fear Of  Love Monster + Religion)
A women must choose between her lovers, her physical love or her love for God. This song is based around the fear of love, the fear of the choices that involve
Monster ( Fear Of Sex Monster)
The song is the fear of sex. The woman is very straight forward, strong, confident. She is scared that if she gives into the love. It will only grow into sex.
Speechless (Fear Of Death Monster)
When her father fell ill and needed to get his heart fixed. She wrote this song for him and preformed it. It is the fear of death. Her struggle if she would have to lose her father. Something we could all relate to.
So Happy I Could Die (Fear Of Alcohol Monster)
The song is about making your self feel good alone. Not needing to have some one to make your self feel good. The song is also a fear of Alcohol.
Knowing he did not like Lady gaga, i used her birth name while presenting the analysis. the whole time he was very interested in this artist as i gave him her background. I presented the songs, highlighted some passages, expressed my feelings towards the songs, its relation with my life. as he was intensely looking though the report i wrote about her. i asked him if he had heard about the artist. he said ” no i don’t know her.” i simply said * in french* ” Its Lady Gaga!”  he lifted his head, pointed towards the stack of papers, and said with big eyes ” Thats Lady Gaga ? Wow… this is  really good. i never tought she was capable of such deep work.” he thanked me for showing him a different way of looking at things, thanked me for being different from the rest of the class, he even said people should be more like me. i left the room feeling good, like i changed some ones outlook.


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2 responses to “My analysis of The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga.

  1. How lucky you are to have such a mature educator. It is common for folk to make uneducated judgements. It is less common to be so openly willing to learn.

    • Robin Hartman

      Yes, he is quite the personality, he really is a wonderful professor. He was our French teacher, but he showed us philosophy and everything the school wouldn’t. Its sad hes leaving our school.

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